– Transport truck –



– Naval Insurance –

• Maritime vessels (commercial, fishing vessels, collectors, salvage tugs)
• River vessels (tugs, pushers, barges, barges, tanks, etc.)
• Inland navigation vessels, including small ones and recreational vessels (yachts,
sailboats, motorboats, motorboats, regardless of displacement, built and equipped
for long-term voyages, as well as those intended for sports and leisure activities)


– Railway Insurance –

• Insurance of railway vehicles
• The carrier’s liability insurance for damages caused to passengers by railway
transport accidents.
• Civil liability insurance of the railway operator.
• Liability insurance of the railway carrier for the goods transported by railway
vehicles, as a result of a railway accident.


– Insurance for ports and terminals –

The subject of this type of insurance is: the liability of port
operators, damage to properties (buildings and various other constructions – piers, etc.),
handling equipment (cranes, including quay cranes, port equipment, etc.) and business