Legal Department

Establishment of Companies. –

Company establishment includes drafting incorporation
documents, appointment of officials, opening a bank account and registration with state

Legal Advice.-

We offer you a professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or
procedure of the law in relation to your particular factual situation.

Dissolutions and liquidations of companies.

The dissolution of a company leads to its
removal from the Register of Trade, meaning the legal disappearance of it. Liquidation is, on
the other hand, the transformation of companies assets into cash in order to pay its debts
and it is done prior to the dissolution of a company.

Cross-border mergers.-

A cross-border merger is an operation whereby one or more
companies from different countries are dissolved, but not liquidated, and that pass on all of
their net assets (assets and liabilities included) to an existing or new company.

Mergers/Divides SRL/SA.-

Dissolution/Liquidation/Judicial Administration.-