Obtaining loans for:

– Working capital, Investment Loans – 

 Investment loans and working capital loans are two
different types of financing that businesses can use to fund their operations and growth.

– Co-financing –

We offer optimal solutions for the co-financing of your projects.

– European Funds –

Funding provided by the European Union for projects and programmes in
various areas, such as regional and urban development, employment and social inclusion,
agriculture and rural development, maritime and fisheries policies, research and innovation,
and humanitarian aid.

– IMM Invest –

Facilitates access to financing for small and medium-sized enterprises and small
enterprises with medium market capitalization, including professionals, by accessing one or
more loans for making investments or loans/credit lines for working capital, including for the
refinancing of other loans investments or expenses intended for the acquisition of shares
and shares.

– Pre-financing commercial contracts –

The pre-financing loan gives you the certainty that you
will fulfill the delivery obligations assumed by the commercial contracts.