Nehoiu Residence Real Estate

The Nehoiu Residence real estate project, was born of the desire to bring people closer to the nature, being situated in the city of Nehoiu, into the heart of the mountains, surrounded by forests and landscapes of a divine beauty.
Being placed in the heart of Romania, surrounded by nature Nehoiu Residence project represents the perfect space for a holiday appartment, a place to retire and relax.
However, we were conscious of modern people needings, of their wish of being completly safe and having the confort that they are used to, we took this real estate project to a whole new level. We’we hired the best engineers and architects so nothing was left at will.
The building is located in the central area of the city so the bank, the school, the supermarket and recreative zones are 5 minutes away and for a plus of confort we give the posibility to turn the 2 and 3 rooms apartments into intelligent appartments that make users life as easier as effectively talking to them or pressing of a button. The water supply system has special filtration thanks to Cristalis filters that purify the water. Also each appartment has his own thermal power plant and 230v | 380v electricity.
The Nehoiu area, besides the beauties and freshness, has alot of tourist attractions such as: Pruncea Falls, the Siriu dam and the accumulation lake, Eagles Lake, centuries old churces, motocross and rafting (the European Rafting Championship), Chill Fest and many more.

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